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1 Adamidou Vasiliki - "Emptiness and absence in a continuous effort of seeking a stable home – hearth (Estia)"
2 Anasontzi Sofia - "The absence of the myth of Estia in a contemporary adoption case"
3 Andrews, Jaime Coloma - "Oedipus and Narcissus, a Clinical Approximation"
4 Blowers, Geoffrey-Crossing borders: Oedipus in Asia and the resistance to Psychoanalysis.
5 Blum, Harold P. - "A Psychoanalytic Inquiry into Pandora's Box"
6 Bolognini, Stefano - "Peleo’s Hug: Surviving, containing and convincing in severe pathologies analytical experience"
7 Bousiou Chaido - "A Temptation of a Psychoanalytic Interpretation on The Cave’s Myth"
8 Casaula, Eleonora - "Electra Re-visited; Hate and Violence in the Mourning"
9 Chan, Yiukee - "Ferenczi’s Private Myth of Groddeck’s Seeker of Souls"
10 Elias D. Kouvelas and Karolina S. Akinosoglou "UNCONSCIOUS: NEUROSCIENCE MEETS PSYCHOANALYSIS'
11 Hatzitaskos, Pavlos - The Psychoanalytic Elaboration of Ancient Hellenic Literature
12 Hogberg, Eli A. - "On Emotional and Somatic Exile"
13 Kalliteraki, E. - "Psychoanalysis and Mythology: Demeter and Persephone"
14 Manolopoulos, Sotiris - "The Theater of Threat in Medea's Tragedy in The Character and in the Function of the Group"
15 Narnou, Meropi - "Goddess Estia, symbols and myths surrounding adoption"
16 Parsons, Michael - "Good and Bad Narcissism in the Aias of Sophocles"
17 Potamianou, Anna - "The Thread in the Labyrinth"
18 Renik, Owen - "Freud's Thanatos"
19 Sakkas, Dionyssis -"Actualizing Greek Myth as Metaphor in the Training Process"
20 Tataridis, Dimitrios - "Establishment and operation of child-psychiatric units based on psychoanalytic prism. The model of Thrace"
21 Troncarelli, Fabio- "Anatolian Smile"
22 Vestin, Urban "On The Human Condition in Sophocles´"
23 Vlahaki, Irini "From Insanity to Mental Health- the novelty of the Hellenic Mental Health Center.'
24 ΜΑΡΙΑΝΖ ZERVAKI -WIDDERSHOVEN- 'The Trauma of Abandonment in an Adopted Child"
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