Within the context of the increasing needs for specialized education and training of new mental health care professionals, the IMHCA provides a structured plan of internships for post graduate and undergraduate students of mental health care specialties. The program’s objective is to actively enrich the technical knowledge of the students, to bring them into direct contact with a wide range of functions and therapeutic interventions in community care and to contribute to the crystallization of the ethics and the responsibility of every mental health professional within the context and protocol they are called to work under.

The work plan organizes the program in three distinct directions:
A) Practice in Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents
B) Practice in Mental Health Services for Adults and specialization in the Home-Based Psychiatric Care (HBPC) unit technique
C) Practice in Mental Health Services for Adults and specialization in the Socialization Program technique

The program is based on the following lines:
- Participation of the trainees in the entire range of the scientific procedures that surround clinical practice
- Gradual participation in clinical practice
- Supervision and focused theoretical training on the practice site
- Research – Documentation

The suggested duration of the program is 8 months (from September 20 to May 20) in order for the students to experience the entire “academic” period in their department and to have the chance to study the clinical evolution of the patients they come in contact with.
For the proper and efficient operation of the program, the number of participants is limited (3 – 4 trainees). The selection is based on each applicant’s C.V., following personal interviews and in collaboration with the teaching personnel of the Institution that refers the student to the IMHCA.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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