Home-Based Psychiatric Treatment

The Home-Based Psychiatric Treatment (HBPT) unit is the result of the combination of psychoanalysis and social psychiatry and produces an innovative service of the Institute of Mental Health for Children and Adults. The HBPT unit is staffed by a specialized team of mental health professionals including psychiatrists, clinical and counseling psychologists, social workers etc. The unit’s services are aimed at:

1. Emergency or acute psychiatric cases (adults or adolescents)
2. Patients with psychological difficulties who are unable to move for physical reasons (chronic physical diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, disabilities)
3. Patients who for whatever reason are unable to leave their residence and receive health care services on their own
4. Psychogeriatric patients
5. Patients that return home after a short or long-term hospitalization

The contribution of the unit in addressing difficult cases by definition, in a unique manner, is indisputable.  It should be noted that there is no other similar intervention unit (public or private) in the region of Attica. It is a procedure integrated in a health care network that combines medical and psychosocial treatments (pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, family therapy, Day Centre services), in an effort to meet the various needs of the patients, constantly and thoroughly.

The objective of this intervention is the avoidance of hospitalization (whenever possible) and the traumatic removal of the patient from his family and environment. The HBPT unit is governed by the basic principle that, whenever possible, the most efficient place of treatment for the patients is their own home. The avoidance of a forcible confinement disculpates parents, reduces the stigma of mental illness and increases the opportunities of cooperation between patient, therapists and family. The objective is to overcome the acute phase as soon as possible and to incentivize the patient to continue his/her therapy out of the home environment.

At the same time, support is provided to the family.
The cost of the service amounts to one half or one third of the cost in the private sector, by therapists with the same specialization in each sector.

This particular method was introduced in Greece by Professor P. Sakellaropoulos, in the last few decades.

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